Expedited Car Transport Service

When your time is important, you can take advantage of Our Expedited Car Transport Services.

With our expedited service, your vehicle will be picked up within 24 hours of placing an order and will be put on the quickest route to its destination. Our quick service's high dependability will provide you with a fantastic vehicle delivery experience. Your shipment will be attended to as soon as possible, putting it at the top of our waiting list. To minimize wait times for your shipment, we'll make any necessary arrangements with scheduling and equipment.

How Much Does Expedited Car Transport Cost?

Expedited car delivery services typically raise the basic delivery fee by 30%. The option between an open and enclosed vehicle shipping carrier is one of the most important elements that influence your price. Open carriers are simpler to arrange because they are the majority of carriers on the market. An enclosed expedited carrier with a very restricted timetable will be more costly than an open carrier with a flexible schedule.

Expedited shipping service costs are primarily impacted by the pick-up and delivery locations, type of vehicle, and distance traveled. At Safemile, we pride ourselves on getting you the best price possible without any extra charges.

How Long Does Expedited Car Transport Take?

The actual time frame for expedited car transport can vary greatly, as many factors can affect the shipping process. However, if you choose to ship your car using this method, you can expect a faster delivery time than with other options. It provides the fastest possible service and we mostly suggest using this service for customers who need their vehicle delivered urgently.

To give you an idea, with our expedited car shipping services we can transport your vehicle from the east coast to the west coast within 4-5 days. Please give us a call and speak with one of our car transport experts for pricing and timing information.

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