Expedited Car Transport Service

When time is of the essence, our expedited transport service gets your vehicles to you as fast as possible !

Through our expedited service format, our transporter can pick up your vehicle within  24-hour of your vehicle transport order, and your car will be on the fastest route to the final destination. The high reliability of our quick service will make you have an excellent car shipping experience.  Your shipment will be tended to immediately and puts your shipment at the top of our priority list. We’ll make the necessary arrangements with scheduling and equipment to accommodate for minimum wait times of your shipment.

It’s exactly what it sounds like; fast shipping right ?

How Much Does Expedited Car Transport Cost?

Expedited Car Shipping; Fast and also affordable

Expedited car shipping service usually adds 30% to the standard delivery cost. One of the main factors that affect your price is the choice between an open and enclosed car shipping carrier. It is easier to arrange open carriers since they’re the majority of the carriers out there. An enclosed expedited carrier with a very tight schedule will be more expensive than an open carrier with a flexible schedule. Also there are many factors that impact the cost of expedited shipping service. For example, the pick-up and delivery locations,type of a vehicle and the distance traveled are all going to affect the ultimate cost. However, we do our best to ensure the best competitive prices for you without any additional cost demands.

How Long Does Expedited Car Transport Take?

It’s difficult to quantify the actual time frame for expedited car transport, because there are so many variables. It is, however, an auto shipping option that speeds up the whole process, from pick up through to delivery and it provides the fastest possible service. 

We mostly suggest expedited car transport services for customers in a tight window or need delivery as soon as possible. 

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