What Is College Students Car Transport?

''Car shipping solutions for college students''

If you or your child have graduated high school and have decided to go to a college, whether in your immediate city or across the country, college students face the fact that their car needs to be shipped. No worries, we at Safemile got you covered! Safemile Auto Transport provides car transportation solutions for college students. Every year we ship dozens of cars in-state, interstate, and across the country. We'll get your car picked up from your home and delivered to your college campus. Our priority is to get your college-bound students’ vehicle to their campus quick, affordable, and totally secure. With Safemile behind the wheel, parents, and students will save time and money all while keeping your peace of mind. Our experienced transportation experts know the intricacies of serving students, parents and all college and university campuses nationwide. Spend the rest of your time with your family or friends before going to college and let us handle your entire car shipping process.

How Much Does College Car Transport Cost And Is There A Student Discount ?

Just like in other car transportation services, the cost of college student car shipping service depends on many factors. How far the car has to travel, type of vehicle to be delivered, seasonal demand, as well as the trailer type you choose,  all impact on the cost of our students' car transport service .We also want to share with you a few tips that you should keep in mind when you're shipping your vehicle to college. Back to college auto transport starts picking up by the first week of August all the way through the end of the month.  This means that getting your car shipped from your home to any campus in the United States during the peak of season when all college students are heading back to school may be a bit more expensive. Don’t forget to schedule your car shipping well ahead of time to save on last minute bookings and schedule your return trip back home at the same time and save even more.

Safemile knows that all students already have the additional expenditures when they're getting ready for college.Herewith, if you are a student dealing with Safemile Auto Transport to ship your car, we're proudly offering a $50 student discount for each vehicle you ship. Give us a call Today at 888 277-8212 and ask for a student discount. We look forward to delivering your car.

Why Shipping Your Car Is Better Than Driving It To Your College?

The United States is one of the busiest countries in terms of road traffic with nearly 284 million vehicles in operation as of the third quarter of 2021. It was further reported that more than 228.7 million drivers were holding a valid driving license as of 2019. This level of traffic is one of the reasons leading to more road accidents: In 2019, there were some 12.15 million vehicles involved in crashes in the United States, with over half that volume being passenger cars. You do not need to take the risk of driving your car cross-country when you are moving to your college.Plus you will add thousands of extra mileage to your vehicle.If you are driving cross-country, you will probably pay a lot of Money for strange hotels along the way.

Also if you’re moving up to college, chances are you’re in a time crunch. You don’t want to leave your family too early, but you also want to be on campus in time for move-in day and those fun pre-class activities. So, you’ll probably be looking to log in those miles as quickly as possible.Here at Safemile Auto Transport we can ship your vehicle on a timely manner, safe and affordable so you can spend more time with your friends/family and you won't be thinking of risking your life or damaging your vehicle.Give us a call Today at 888 277-8212 and ask for student discount.

We look forward to delivering your car.

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