Safemile Terms of Service


Safemile AT LLC (DBA: SAFEMILE AUTO TRANSPORT) is a fully licensed and bonded car transportation company registered with the USDOT(United States Department of Transportation) with a broker license number 3813643. This agreement is between  the registered/legal owner of the Vehicle(s), or a specifically authorized person transporting the vehicle(s), shall hereafter be referred to as “customer” , “you”or  “your” and Safemile AT LLC( “Safemile,” “we,” “our,” or “us”).

Furthermore, Customer has thoroughly read and completely understands this agreement and will abide by these terms and conditions.

1. Acceptance of Agreement

By using our website( or placing an order with Safemile, the customer acknowledges receipt of and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Except as otherwise expressly provided, this Agreement is solely between customer and Safemile. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU SHALL NOT USE THE SERVICES.

2. Changes to Terms & Conditions

Safemile may modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time by posting the most up to date Terms and Conditions on Such changes shall be effective for all transactions between Safemile and Customer on the date of the notice/posting.

3. Customer’s Responsibilities

A. Accuracy of Information

Customer understands and accepts that only Customer is responsible to ensure the accuracy of all of the details including the description of the Shipment (year, make, model, body style, trim, etc.), Point of Origin, Destination, fees, and special instructions in the Order Confirmation, and as applicable, on the Carrier’s Form, Bill of Lading, or other required documents. Any changes or corrections to the Shipment description or any other changes to an Order may result in additional fees or cancellation of the Order. Customer waives all claims against Safemile for any additional charges or cancellation if the Shipment does not match the Shipment listed in the Order Confirmation.

B. Shipment size and condition

Customer must inform Safemile about the Shipment’s size and condition at the time of booking and prior to the pick up date. Customer understands and accepts that if the Shipment is or becomes inoperable during the transit, or if the Shipment (i) is modified from the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) condition with features including but not limited to aftermarket spoilers, lowered chassis, height modifications, etc., (ii) is oversized due to but not limited to dual or oversized wheels, extra-large tires, racks, lifted chassis (iii) is a large vehicle such as a limousine or a hearse, then the Carrier may charge additional fees to transport such Shipment or refuse to transport the Shipment altogether.

C. Preparing Shipment

Customer understands and accepts that Customer is responsible for preparing the Shipment for transportation. Customer must either secure or remove all loose parts,antennas, fragile accessories, low hanging spoilers, etc. prior to shipment. Customer must remove all non-permanent, outside mounted luggage and other racks prior to shipment. Shipment must be tendered to Carrier in operable condition with no less than a quarter tank of fuel. Customer understands and accepts that Customer is responsible for any damages, losses and claims to the Shipment, other vehicles and/or persons which are caused by any part of the Shipment that becomes loose or detached during the transport.

D. Alarm

Customer must disarm any alarm system installed in the Shipment or provide clear instructions for disengaging it to the Carrier. In the event such an alarm is activated during the transit, and there are no keys or instructions to turn it off, Carrier may be forced to silence the alarm by any reasonable means available and without recourse by Customer.

E. Prohibited Items

Customer understands and accepts that Customer is expressly prohibited from loading any explosives, guns, ammunition, weapons, flammable products, live pets, live plants, any contraband, drugs or narcotics, alcoholic beverages, and or any illegal goods in the Shipment. Customer understands and accepts that upon discovery, such prohibited items and/or the Shipment may be confiscated or disposed of by law enforcement, or the Carrier and the Order may be canceled in entirety without any remuneration or compensation to Customer and Customer will be solely responsible for any fees, fines, damages, or other liabilities arising from a violation of this Section.

F. Toll Charges

Neither Safemile nor the Carrier are responsible for any toll charges or fees incurred by the Customer or another party for Vehicles transported by the Carrier. It is the Customer’s responsibility to turn off and/or remove any toll transponders from the Vehicle prior to its transportation. The Customer agrees to release and hold Safemile and the Carrier harmless from any toll charges incurred during the transportation of the Vehicle.

G. Shipment by Sea

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that no personal property of any kind or illegal goods will be permitted in the Shipment for transportation by sea. The Customer shall ensure that the Shipment is entirely empty, except for OEM or factory-installed equipment. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide all necessary documents and paperwork required by U.S. and international customs. The Customer must provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) and its approximate value in U.S. dollars at the time of placing the Order. In the event that the Point of Origin or Destination is a shipping port, the Customer agrees to cover any associated additional fees.

4. Services

Upon Customer’s request, Safemile will arrange for the transportation of Customer’s Shipment by Carriers subject to these TERMS. Safemile will identify and contract with a transport car carrier (“Carrier”) to transport your Vehicle(s) (as defined in this Agreement) in accordance with your order (the “Services”). Safemile’s Services are considered rendered when Safemile has designated a carrier to transport your Vehicle. In providing the Services, Safemile is acting solely in the capacity of an auto transport broker to connect you with a carrier for the purposes of moving your Vehicle(s). Safemile Auto Transport is not responsible for moving your vehicle nor will Safemile take possession of your Vehicle.

      Carrier shall be the party responsible for the transportation of your vehicle (“Carrier’s Services”). Carrier is solely responsible for controlling the method, manner, and means of accomplishing the performance of Carrier’s Services. Carrier and its Drivers are responsible for performing Carrier’s Services in a timely manner without damage in transit, as well as determining the appropriate route for transportation. “Driver” means, collectively, the employees of Carrier, any contractors of Carrier (including owner-operators under contract with Carrier and any employees of any such owner-operator) and any other service provider or other personnel of Carrier, in each case, who is assigned to operate any motor vehicle transporting any vehicle on behalf of Carrier.

The relationship between Safemile Auto Transport and Carrier is solely as independent business enterprises, each of which operates a separate and distinct business enterprise that provides a service outside the usual course of business of the other. Carrier assumes full responsibility for all taxes, assessments, insurance (including workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, disability, pension, and social security insurance) and other financial obligations due to or otherwise involving Carrier Representatives (including compensation of its Drivers) arising out of Carrier’s Services. Safemile Auto Transport is not an agent of Carrier or Customer, and Carrier is not an agent of Safemile Auto Transport. This Agreement does not create a joint venture, joint enterprise or partnership between Safemile Auto Transport, the Customer, and/or Carrier.

For orders destined for or originating from Hawaii/Alaska, customers authorize Safemile to share their credit card/debit card information with MATSON ( for the purpose of covering sea shipping expenses. This includes charges related to the transportation of vehicles via sea carriers, any applicable customs fees, port handling charges, and any other fees directly associated with the sea shipping process.

Please be assured that Safemile values your privacy and will only share the necessary information required for processing these transactions with MATSON. We take data security seriously and maintain stringent measures to protect your financial information.

By engaging Safemile Auto Transport’s services for shipments involving Hawaii or Alaska, you consent to this process and acknowledge that MATSON may handle your payment as outlined above.

5. Transport Of Vehicle

By submitting an order, you authorize the dispatched Carrier to operate and transport your Vehicle between the pickup and delivery location and take such steps the Carrier deems necessary to complete such transportation, including driving the Vehicle (operation of the vehicle by Carrier may be covered by your insurance). Either Safemile or the Carrier will contact you prior to pick up or delivery to inform you of the approximate time and location of such pickup or delivery. The Carrier will attempt to make the actual pickup and delivery location as close to the address requested as possible, taking various factors into account, including, without limitation, transportation restriction laws and safety. These factors may require you and the Carrier to designate an alternative pickup/delivery location other than the one you originally requested. If you are unable to be at the designated pickup/delivery location at the designated time, you must designate with the Carrier another individual (who must be at least 18 years old) to act as your agent for purposes of the pickup/delivery. You are solely responsible for the acts and omissions of your designee. You and your Vehicle must be present at the pickup location at the designated time, or you risk cancellation of your order and incurring the cancellation fee. If you are not at the delivery location at the designated time, your Vehicle may be stored and/or the delivery delayed, each at your sole expense.

Pickup: At the time of Vehicle pickup, prior to Carrier taking possession of the Vehicle, you and Carrier shall conduct a full inspection of the Vehicle for existing exterior damage. The results of this inspection shall be recorded on the inspection report on the Bill of Lading. You and Carrier shall acknowledge the existing condition of the Vehicle by signing the Bill of Lading. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING AND RETAINING A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING FOR YOUR RECORDS. IF A PAPER COPY IS NOT AVAILABLE, A PICTURE OR PHOTOCOPY IS SUFFICIENT. If the Vehicle is found inoperable, contains any additional items inside or outside that are not part of your stock vehicle or is not as described in the order (e.g., oversized), you may be subject to additional charges by the Carrier which will be payable upon delivery.

Delivery: At the time of Vehicle delivery, you and Carrier shall conduct a full inspection of the Vehicle for any exterior damage that may have been caused during transport. The results of this inspection shall be recorded on the inspection report on the Bill of Lading. You must notate any new damage to the Vehicle (as compared to the condition of the Vehicle at the time of pickup) on the Bill of Lading inspection report. You and Carrier shall acknowledge the condition of the Vehicle by signing the Bill of Lading. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING AND RETAINING A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING FOR YOUR RECORDS. IF A PAPER COPY IS NOT AVAILABLE, A PICTURE OR PHOTOCOPY IS SUFFICIENT. BY SIGNING THE BILL OF LADING WITHOUT NOTATION OF DAMAGE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU RECEIVED YOUR VEHICLE IN SATISFACTORY CONDITION AND WITHOUT DAMAGE AND THEREBY RELEASE SAFEMILE AUTO TRANSPORT AND CARRIER OF ANY CLAIMS OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE.

Carrier’s responsibility for the Vehicle commences only when the Bill of Lading is signed by you and Carrier at pickup and terminates no later than when you sign the Bill of Lading at delivery or otherwise take delivery of the Vehicle.

Transportation services are subject to delays caused by numerous factors prior to or during transport of your Vehicle, many of which are out of the control of Safemile and the Carrier, including, without limitation, road conditions, weather, and mechanical issues. Therefore, neither Safemile Auto Transport nor Carrier guarantee pickup/delivery dates, times, or locations.


Quotations provided by Safemile Auto Transport to the CUSTOMER for shipment charges or other services are valid for a period of five (5) calendar days, unless otherwise specified in a separate written agreement between the CUSTOMER and Safemile Auto Transport. It is important for the CUSTOMER to note that these quotations are based on the information furnished to Safemile Auto Transport at the time of providing the quotation.

The CUSTOMER understands and acknowledges that the actual charges may vary from the initial quotation due to factors such as actual weights, dimensions, volumes of the shipment, the actual make, model, or condition of the vehicle, as well as unforeseen or unanticipated costs, occurrences, or events beyond the control of Safemile Auto Transport.

In addition, due to the fluctuating nature of diesel fuel prices, there is a possibility of price increases. Safemile Auto Transport may contact the CUSTOMER to advise them of any such increase before proceeding with the transportation. The CUSTOMER has the option to agree to the increased price, which will ensure timely dispatch of the vehicle, or refuse the price increase. In case of refusal, Safemile Auto Transport will continue to seek a carrier at the original quoted price, but the dispatch process may take longer than initially anticipated.

If the CUSTOMER chooses to cancel the order due to price increases and does not accept the revised quotation, there will be no cancellation fee imposed by Safemile Auto Transport. We understand that price changes may impact the customer’s decision, and we respect their right to cancel the order without incurring any additional charges. It is important for the CUSTOMER to carefully review the quotation and be aware of the potential for price changes before finalizing the transportation arrangements. Our priority is to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction throughout the process.

6. Limitation of Liability

The total cumulative liability of Safemile for any and all claims and damages, whether arising from statute, contract, tort or otherwise, shall not under any circumstances exceed the total fees paid by Customer to Safemile Auto Transport for Safemile’s services under the respective Order Confirmation.

Except as otherwise provided herein, safemile makes no warranties for any of its services and hereby disclaims all warranties or representations, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of title, non- infringement, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, and any warranties arising from course of dealing, usage or trade practice.
Under no circumstances will safemile be liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential (including damages from loss of business, lost profits, litigation, or the like), special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages, under any legal theory, arising out of or in any way relating to a shipment or these terms, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

7. Fees and Payment

Customer agrees to pay all amounts due in full for each Order and any Additional Services as per the terms of the Order Confirmation and these TERMS without any offsets, chargebacks or reductions by Customer for any actual, pending or unfiled claims, losses, delays, or damages. Payment for Safemile’s services is due when a Carrier accepts an Order for transportation as Safemile’s services have been rendered at that point.

All payments for the balance due to Carrier must be made on or before the delivery of Shipment in the form of cash, certified funds, cashier’s check or money order made payable to the Carrier. Customer WILL NOT use personal checks, debit or credit cards when making payments to the Carrier.

In addition to the payment options mentioned above, the customer may also make payments using their credit/debit card at the time of dispatching the order. However, a transaction fee of at least 6% will be charged based on the type of credit card used. By using a credit card for payment, the customer agrees to pay the transaction fee and authorizes Safemile to charge the credit card for the full amount, including the transaction fee.

If Shipment is placed in storage due to Customer’s refusal to pay the fees or accept delivery from the Carrier for any reason, then the Shipment may be placed in storage at Customer’s expense and subject to Carrier’s lien for transportation charges until Customer pays in full the outstanding balance. Any and all storage and redelivery charges will be the responsibility of Customer and Customer agrees that Customer will not look to Safemile for reimbursement.

In addition, if you fail to make any payment when due or we receive a chargeback for your payment (whether due to a dispute of the charge or any other reason), then you must pay Safemile Auto Transport the outstanding amount owed plus reimbursement for all reasonable costs incurred in collecting any overdue payment or chargeback and related interest, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, legal costs, court costs, and collection agency fees. All late payments and chargebacks will be charged interest, calculated from the date the payment was originally due, at a rate that is: 3% per month.

8. Dispatch Of Carrier

Customer will be notified by email/SMS (at the email address provided upon booking/phone number provided upon booking) when a Carrier has been dispatched to transport your Vehicle(s). The Dispatch Notification Email/SMS will include information about the Carrier as well as estimated Pickup and Delivery dates along with balance due to carrier upon delivery.

9. Personal Belongings

Carrier’s insurance does not cover the loss or damage to personal items. Customer agrees that personal items are limited to a maximum of 100 pounds in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle(s). The carrier will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings. Any costs, damages, and/ or citations issued to a carrier due to or caused by personal items in the vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the Customer. Under no circumstances can any item obstruct the driving visibility.

10. Insurance

Customer represents and warrants that it has insurance or is self-insured to cover any damage or loss of vehicle(s) that may occur during the brokerage services provided by Safemile. Safemile is not obligated to provide cargo insurance, and therefore, is not legally liable for any loss, damage, or delay of vehicle(s). However, Safemile will provide information about the Carrier’s cargo insurance policy upon request.

The Customer acknowledges that the Carrier is responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle(s) during transport. In the event of loss or damage, the Customer shall file a claim directly with the Carrier. The Customer also agrees that Safemile will not be responsible for any costs associated with the loss or damage of vehicle(s).

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that their shipment is adequately insured. Safemile highly recommends that the Customer obtains proper insurance coverage for their shipment. If the Customer chooses to use Safemile’s brokerage services without proper insurance coverage, the Customer assumes all risks associated with the shipment and agrees to indemnify and hold Safemile harmless against any loss or damage that may occur during transport.

11. Order Changes And Cancellation

You may make changes to your order at any time before the Carrier dispatched by Safemile picks up your vehicle. Please note that order changes may result in additional fees. If you need to change the pickup date after the order has been dispatched to the Carrier, Safemile will arrange another Carrier for pickup. Customer acknowledges that a $50 rescheduling fee will apply for the change. If the additional fees are not agreed upon, Safemile has the right to cancel the order at any time. If you cancel your order before a Carrier has been dispatched to transport your Vehicle, you will NOT be charged any amount for cancellation. If you cancel your order after a Carrier has been dispatched to transport your Vehicle, you will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of your Initial Payment, as Safemile’s services have been rendered. If the initial payment is greater than $250, Safemile will keep $250 as Cancellation fee and will refund the rest of the balance within 5-7 business days. When the order is dispatched to a carrier, Safemile will notify customer via email or SMS (Both of them in most cases) with the details of the Carrier along with estimated pick up and delivery dates. Orders cannot be canceled or changed after the Vehicle has been picked up by Carrier.

Cancellation of an Order by Customer must be submitted in writing via email sent to [email protected] or [email protected]. Cancellation requests  made via telephone, text, chat or any other medium will not be accepted by Safemile.

12. Pick Up and Delivery Times; Delays

Safemile  shall provide Customer with an estimated pickup date and estimated delivery date. Customer acknowledges and agrees that pickup dates and delivery dates are estimates! Customer further agrees and acknowledges delays may occur prior to, and/or during, transport of the Vehicle due to various issues, including without limitation, driver shortage, weather, and road conditions. Safemile does not guarantee any pickup or delivery times or dates. Safemile and Carrier are not liable for loss or damages occasioned by delays or any kind or for any reason. Further, Safemile and Carrier are not responsible for car rental fees or accommodation fees due to delay in delivery of the Vehicle.

13. Disputes and Collections

Any credit/debit card dispute/chargeback received will be reviewed in accordance with the above mentioned terms and conditions. If a dispute arises and is escalated to our collections agency, additional fees may be imposed. This could result in a larger total amount owed than the original disputed amount.

14. Logo/Trademark

The CUSTOMER is prohibited from using Safemile Auto Transport’s name, logo, trademarks, or trade names in any publicity releases, promotional material, customer lists, advertising, marketing, or business generating efforts, whether written or oral, without obtaining Safemile Auto Transport’s prior written consent. Safemile Auto Transport reserves the right to withhold consent at its sole discretion.

15. Governing Law

These Terms and conditions and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Virginia.

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