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David H.
August 1, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

I needed my motorcycle shipped cross-country, and Safemile handled it flawlessly. From pickup to delivery, the team kept me updated and ensured my bike’s safety. Reliable, efficient, and trustworthy – I wouldn’t hesitate to use their service again.

Carol H.
August 1, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

Safemile Auto Transport exceeded my expectations! From the seamless booking process to the on-time delivery, their team ensured my car arrived safe and sound. Highly recommend their professional and reliable service.

Michael R.
August 1, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

I was initially concerned about shipping my classic car, but Safemile’s enclosed transport option put my mind at ease. The communication throughout the process was fantastic, and my car arrived in impeccable condition. A top-notch service!

Dhianne E.
April 14, 2022Safemile Auto Transport-Trustpilot reviews

Safemile did a great job of transporting my bmw from Florida to SC. My car arrived in a timely fashion, in perfect condition, and was parked right on my driveway. The driver, a gentleman named Mike, maintained steady contact with me in the hours leading up to his arrival.

Rommie S.
June 2, 2022Safemile Auto Transport-Trustpilot reviews

Extremely good service. Communication was very good, before, during, and after pickup. Representatives were polite at all times. A I can’t say how flexible they were with me on both ends of the transaction. Price was Way better than anyone else. I would Highly recommend this company.

Cole W.
December 16, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

First I want to say the customer service is top notch! Moving across the country is never easy but safemile auto transport made shipping my truck from VA to Washington state a breeze! Highly recommend!

Delivering cars to your Campus

Seamless Vehicle Shipping for Your Educational Journey

College Students Car Transport- Safemile Auto Transport
What Is College Student Car Transport?

If you’ve graduated high school and want to attend college in your town or across the nation, you’re aware that your vehicle will need to be moved. You’ll be relieved to learn that Safemile has you covered. Car transportation services are available through Safemile Auto Transport. Every year, we transport dozens of vehicles across state lines, interstate highways, and around the country. We’ll pick up your car from your house and deliver it to your campus.

At Safemile, we prioritize speed, affordability, and security when transporting your vehicle to a college campus. With our experienced team handling the process from start to finish, you’ll be able to save time and money while keeping peace of mind. We know the ins and outs of serving students and parents nationwide and how universities operate so that you can spend more quality time with your family or friends before college starts.

College Students Car Transport- Safemile Auto Transport
How Much Does College Car Transport Cost? Is There A Student Discount?

The cost of our college student car shipping service, just like with other vehicle transportation companies, is determined by numerous factors. The distance the car has to travel, the type of trailer you choose, and seasonal demand all play a role in how much it costs to have your vehicle transported by us. There are also a few insider tips we want to share with you that will help make sure your car arrives safely at campus when you’re ready to start school.

The peak season for moving a car from home to college starts picking up around the first week of August and lasts until the end of the month. This implies that shipping your automobile from your house to any campus in the United States during peak season, when all college students are returning to school, maybe more expensive. To save money on last-minute reservations and arrange your return journey at the same time, remember to book your vehicle transportation well ahead of time.

The costs of additional expenses for students who are getting ready for college are familiar territory to Safemile. As a result, if you’re sending your automobile via Safemile Auto Transport, we proudly provide a $50 student discount on each car you move. Call us at 888 277-8212 now and ask for a student price reduction. We look forward to delivering your vehicle and peace of mind.

College Students Car Transport- Safemile Auto Transport
Why Shipping Your Car Is Better Than Driving It To Your College?

The United States is one of the busiest countries in terms of road traffic with nearly 284 million vehicles in operation as of the third quarter of 2021. It was further reported that more than 228.7 million drivers were holding valid driving licenses as of 2019. This level of traffic is one of the reasons leading to more road accidents: In 2019, there were some 12.15 million vehicles involved in crashes in the United States, with over half that volume being passenger cars. You do not need to take the risk of driving your car cross-country when you are moving to your college. Plus you will add thousands of extra mileage to your vehicle. If you are driving cross-country, you will probably pay a lot of Money for strange hotels along the way.

If you’re going to college, you’re probably in a hurry. You don’t want to leave your family too early, but you also don’t want to be late getting on campus for move-in day and those fun pre-class activities. As a result, you’ll most likely want to log those miles as quickly as possible. We can transport your car securely and affordably so that you may spend more time with your friends and family without having to worry about jeopardizing your life or harming your vehicle. Call us now at 888 277-8212 for a student discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

To receive a vehicle transport quote, you have two convenient options. You can use our quick online car shipping quote calculator above or reach out to us by calling (888) 277-8212 to speak with one of our transportation experts. To generate a personalized estimate, simply provide us with the pickup and delivery locations, the make and model of your vehicle, and your preferred pick-up date. Additionally, let us know whether your car(s) are in running condition or not. Our team is here to assist you in obtaining an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

Certainly, we do allow you to include personal items in your vehicle during transport, but with some restrictions. You are welcome to place personal items weighing up to 100 lbs. in a securely packed box or single piece of luggage. These items should be stowed in the trunk of the car, ensuring they don’t obstruct the driver’s view or interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. While we do accommodate this, please note that these personal items will not be covered by our insurance. Your vehicle’s safety remains our priority, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured during its journey with Safemile Auto Transport. We take the safety and security of your vehicle seriously. Our comprehensive insurance coverage provides protection against any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during transit. This coverage ensures that your vehicle is safeguarded against damage or loss, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire shipping process. Rest assured that we prioritize the well-being of your vehicle from pick-up to delivery.

Delivery Time Estimate Guide;

100-500 miles takes 1 or 2 days
500-1000 miles takes 2 or 3 days
1000-1500 miles takes 3 or 4 days
1500-2000 miles takes 4 or 5 days
2000-2500 miles takes 5 or 6 days
2500-3000+ miles takes 7 to 9 days

Depending on the distance, weather conditions and population centers it could be a few days or a week until a vehicle reaches its destination. The carriers usually estimate about 8-9 days on coast to coast trips, but they frequently arrive earlier.

Your car shipping cost is determined by several key factors that contribute to the overall pricing of our services. These factors include the distance of transportation, the type of vehicle being shipped, the transport method chosen (such as open-air or enclosed transport), the current fuel prices, and any additional services you may require, such as expedited shipping or inoperable vehicle handling.

To provide you with an accurate and competitive quote, we take into account these variables and tailor our pricing to your specific needs. You can request a quote through our website or by reaching out to our customer service team. Rest assured that our commitment to transparency ensures that you’re fully aware of the costs involved before making any decisions.

Absolutely, Safemile Auto Transport is a fully legitimate and reputable company. We hold a valid license and are bonded with the Department of Transportation under MC number: 1377278 and DOT number: 3813643. Our commitment to transparency and excellence is underscored by our A rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Moreover, we’ve garnered thousands of 5-star reviews across various platforms, reflecting our dedication to providing trustworthy and exceptional auto transport services. Your vehicle’s safety and your peace of mind are our top priorities.