What Is Enclosed Car Transport?

Do you have a vehicle that is special to you? Do you own an antique, classic, exotic or muscle car? Enclosed car carriers are the right choice if you want the safety of your vehicle guaranteed. Enclosed car shipping provides the highest level of protection available in the vehicle shipping industry and your vehicle will be protected and isolated from all elements, bugs, other vehicles, random occurrences, and damage during loading and unloading. It also keeps your vehicle out of sight and away from prying eyes.

What Is The Difference Between Open And Enclosed Car Transport?

There are two main options when you want to ship a car ; open car transport and enclosed car transport. Enclosed car transport is the best option to you if your vehicle is an investment.

When you choose open car transport, we ship your vehicle in an open trailer, along with several other vehicles. Open trailers exposed to the weather, dust, and dirt. However, open transport is still a safe option for people looking for budget-friendly car transport. Vehicles shipped using enclosed car transportation are fully protected on all four sides. Your vehicle is transported using an enclosed auto transport trailer. Mostly this is the auto transport service of choice for owners of classic cars, luxury cars, classic, exotic, and expensive cars. Open car carriers has a insurance coverage of $250.000 but enclosed car carrier has coverage of $1.000.000

How Much Does Enclosed Car Transport Cost?

Enclosed auto transport rates can differ significantly depending on several factors like the type of car, total distance, add-ons (like expedited shipping), weight, and dimensions of a car come into play. Based on these things, a final quote can be decided.
However, if you were to say that a car has all the above factors as the same, and you want separate prices for moving it in open as well as enclosed containers to the same location, then the difference will be 40-50% in the car shipping cost.
A shipment that costs, say, $1000 for an open hauler, will usually cost anywhere from $1400-$1600 on the same route for an enclosed truck.

Can't decide Open or Enclosed Transport ?

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