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-Transport All Your Vehicles with You for Your POV / PCS Move-

At Safemile Auto Transport, we specialize in military vehicle shipping. We have the utmost respect for our brave military members and we always want to provide them with a safe, affordable, and stress-free car shipping experience. Often, members of the army have to move from one duty station to another with very short notice. We know how tough this can be for military members, and we honor the dedication it takes to serve one’s country. This is why we offer discounted rates and exceptional service to active duty military when shipping their privately owned vehicle (POV).

How Does Military Car Transport Work?

Military car shipping is handled in the same manner as routine car shipping for active and retired military personnel in the auto transport business. When it's a PCS order, the government may reimburse one privately owned car (POV) shipment. If you want to ship more than one vehicle, on the other hand, you will have to pay for the service yourself. We're at Safemile to make your move go smoothly!

Safemile Auto Transport will pick up and deliver your vehicle to the military base as close, safely, and legally as possible. If you have specific instructions or anything unique you wish to report, feel free to do so because Safemile Auto Transport's goal is to make your experience simple, safe, and affordable.

Does The Military Ship Your Car For Free?

If you're a current serving member of the military and receive a permanent change of station (PCS) order, the military may transport your automobile for free. The United States government only reimburses one privately owned vehicle (POV) for shipment, however, there are several conditions to consider. You may be held liable for any transportation costs associated with your car.

Is There A Military Discount To Ship A Car?

Yes, we offer a military discount to all active members and veterans of the Armed Forces in appreciation of their service. Our military discount applies to all branches of the Armed Forces, including the U.S Army, U.S Marine Corps, U.S Navy, U.S Air Force, and U.S Coast Guard. We are grateful for all those who have served or are serving our country and offer special military discounts to active members and veterans as a sign of our appreciation.

Here at Safemile Auto Transport, we give $50 off for each vehicle you ship. Give us a call at 888 277-8212 and be sure to ask your customer service advisor for details.

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