Vehicle Shipping for Online Car Buyers

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Online car purchasing is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more customers preferring to skip dealerships and buy vehicles online.

    Whether you’re buying on eBay or perhaps you’re selling on,CarGurus or TrueCar. Our transportation experts have enough experience with all internet auctions. We routinely provide online transportation services for both buyers and sellers, picking up from both ends, dealerships and individuals.The perfect vehicle you’d like to purchase might be in another state. When you’re buying a car from out of state, you need a transport company like Safemile that knows the car business as well as vehicle shipping. During pick-ups, Safemile Auto Transport performs visual inspections on the cars before loading them for delivery. The carrier fills out a Bill of Lading form with all of the findings. We believe this is an excellent opportunity to perform additional inspections on internet vehicle purchasers. You can also track your shipment online using our website any day of the week.

How car shipping services work for online car buyers?

If you're buying a car online from a dealer in another state or at an auction, and want it to be delivered, you'll need to think about how the vehicle will arrive at its final destination. Safemile is now there to provide you with the finest service possible, based on its understanding and experience in the business! In general, vehicle shipping for internet car purchasers follows the same procedure as ordinary auto transport. Whether you use an open or enclosed car transportation service depends on your preference.

For both shipping methods, Safemile Auto Transport provides a personalized automobile transport experience. We pick up from any location (business, individual, or Auction) and deliver to any address in the United States. Our rigorous delivery timeliness guarantees that your vehicle arrives at its final destination in the quickest time possible.

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