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David H.
August 1, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

I needed my motorcycle shipped cross-country, and Safemile handled it flawlessly. From pickup to delivery, the team kept me updated and ensured my bike’s safety. Reliable, efficient, and trustworthy – I wouldn’t hesitate to use their service again.

Carol H.
August 1, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

Safemile Auto Transport exceeded my expectations! From the seamless booking process to the on-time delivery, their team ensured my car arrived safe and sound. Highly recommend their professional and reliable service.

Michael R.
August 1, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

I was initially concerned about shipping my classic car, but Safemile’s enclosed transport option put my mind at ease. The communication throughout the process was fantastic, and my car arrived in impeccable condition. A top-notch service!

Dhianne E.
April 14, 2022Safemile Auto Transport-Trustpilot reviews

Safemile did a great job of transporting my bmw from Florida to SC. My car arrived in a timely fashion, in perfect condition, and was parked right on my driveway. The driver, a gentleman named Mike, maintained steady contact with me in the hours leading up to his arrival.

Rommie S.
June 2, 2022Safemile Auto Transport-Trustpilot reviews

Extremely good service. Communication was very good, before, during, and after pickup. Representatives were polite at all times. A I can’t say how flexible they were with me on both ends of the transaction. Price was Way better than anyone else. I would Highly recommend this company.

Cole W.
December 16, 2022Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

First I want to say the customer service is top notch! Moving across the country is never easy but safemile auto transport made shipping my truck from VA to Washington state a breeze! Highly recommend!

Pennsylvania Car Shipping

Quick, safe auto transport to/from Pennsylvania with Safemile

Average Pickup Time1-3 DaysThe average time from booking to pickup is 1-3 days.
Carrier Availability5/5Pennsylvania has a carrier availability score of 5/5.
Shipping Cost LowShipping Cost to or from Pennsylvania is Low at this time of the year.

Useful Information

Pennsylvania Car Shipping

Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company

When it comes to smooth car shipping in Pennsylvania, look no further than Safemile Auto Transport. As the premier choice for car shipping in the state, Safemile offers top-notch services for residents and visitors alike. Unlike other car shipping companies in Pennsylvania, Safemile stands out with its commitment to excellence. With our solid reputation and a track record of safe and punctual delivery, Safemile is the go-to option for all your car transport needs. Whether you’re exploring Pennsylvania’s cities or relocating to a new area we are here to make your car shipping experience smooth. With our affordable and professional Pennsylvania, PA car shipping services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company
How does Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania car shipping work?

With years of experience, we offer premier Pennsylvania car shipping services throughout the state and beyond, so no matter where you’re headed, we can provide a dependable solution for all your auto transport needs. Firstly, book your auto transport service with Safemile, providing us with your car’s details, pickup, and drop-off locations. Once scheduled, our experienced driver will arrive at the agreed location and time to pick up your vehicle. Rest assured, your car will be loaded onto the car shipping trailer with the utmost care and attention. Our priority is to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle, whether it’s a standard car or a higher-end luxury vehicle requiring extra protection. Upon reaching your destination, our driver will unload your car and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure it’s in the same condition as when it was picked up. This attention to detail guarantees your vehicle’s safety and your peace of mind.

Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company
How much does Pennsylvania car shipping cost?

Determining the cost of auto transport in Pennsylvania depends on various factors tailored to your specific needs. These include the distance of your shipment, the make and model of your vehicle, the time of year you choose to ship, your flexibility in scheduling, and the type of car hauling services you prefer either open car transport or enclosed car transport. It’s important to choose a reliable and specialized car shipping company like Safemile Auto Transport to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. For a clear estimate of your auto transport expenses, we offer an AI powered instant car shipping cost calculator. Head over to our instant car shipping cost calculator right away if you’re looking to get the most affordable Pennsylvania car shipping quotes!

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Safemile Auto Transport: America's Leading Vehicle Shipping Company
How to choose the best Pennsylvania auto transport company?

Bringing our expertise in Pennsylvania auto transport to the forefront, we offer seamless and efficient car shipping services across the PA state and beyond. When it comes to transporting your vehicle within Florida, Safemile streamlines the process for your convenience. Begin by reserving our affordable auto transport service, sharing your vehicle’s details along with the pickup and drop-off locations. Once the schedule is set, our dedicated driver will arrive promptly at the designated spot to collect your vehicle. Rest assured, your car will be loaded onto the car shipping trailer with utmost care and precision. Our top priority is to ensure your vehicle’s secure and punctual delivery, whether it’s a standard model or a luxury vehicle requiring extra protection. Throughout the journey, your car’s condition will be closely monitored to guarantee its safety. Count on Safemile for professional, friendly, and reliable Pennsylvania, PA car shipping services.

Fun Facts

Tips & Hints for transporting/moving to Pennsylvania

  • Pennsylvania, especially Philadelphia, is steeped in history with iconic landmarks like the Liberty Bell and Constitution. Explore the past through captivating museums, historic sites, and enlightening guided tours.
  • If you’re a new resident, make sure to obtain a PA driver’s license within 60 days to ensure legal driving. Additionally, don’t forget to initiate the titling and registration process for vehicles you bring with you within the first 20 days after moving.
  • Beyond federal and state taxes, be prepared for local financial obligations. Pennsylvanians pay local earned income and service taxes to their respective municipalities, contributing to local infrastructure.
  • The beauty of Pennsylvania spans various landscapes – from majestic mountains to towering skyscrapers, from historic museums to vintage railroads. And, of course, don’t miss the iconic view from the Philadelphia Art Museum steps made famous by Rocky.
  • Pennsylvania’s heartland boasts a strong outdoors culture, characterized by fishing and hunting. Acres of land, rivers, and lakes provide ample opportunities for these cherished activities.
  • An intriguing culinary delight in Pennsylvania is scrapple, a breakfast delicacy with roots in Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. It might be unfamiliar, but locals love it, making it a distinct part of the state’s food culture.


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